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Merily Pompa, widely known as The Fussed Up Foodie, is a passionate advocate for culinary experiences that prioritize not only the taste but also the integrity of the food. 

As a discerning diner, Merily strives to find and share delectable meals that preserve nature's original intentions, avoiding GMOs (genetically modified organisms), canola, and all vegetable oils, artificial preservatives, and food colorings. Instead, she strives for authentic food prepared authentically. Alongside her Pompa Tribe (health-conscious family), Merily has become a trusted source for food enthusiasts who seek quality, experience, and value in their dining experiences.


For Merily, ambiance and cleanliness are crucial elements in the overall experience, with added emphasis on a well-maintained restroom. Through her reviews and recommendations, The Fussed Up Foodie guides her fellow diners toward restaurants and eateries that offer exceptional food, a memorable experience, and an inviting atmosphere, ensuring that each meal is a delight for all enthusiastic and fellow Fussed Up Foodies.

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